Since founding fineline interior design in 2000, creative director Denise Ryan has developed an intimate team of designers and multi-disciplinary consultants creating soulful spaces and successful interiors.

We take projects from concept to completion, tailoring our service to suit each Client. We work closely with Clients to understand their business aims and needs, while harnessing design thinking to problem solve, innovate and create. Imagining both staff and customers use of a space at all times, we optimise efficiency and comfort while forming a harmonious, atmospheric environment.

We believe that Interior Design is the most powerful visual personification of a brand. By supporting it with all other customer contact-points, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Appreciating the value and competitive advantage of this, we offer select consultancies which create congruent customer experiences.


Denise studied Architectural Technology Bolton St. School of Architecture in Dublin before attending the Dublin Institute of Design where she qualified with distinction in Interior Design. Following positions with architects, craft and design firms of note, she founded fineline interior design in 2000.

Her strong grounding in Architectural Technology allows for ease of communication with design teams, contractors, suppliers and trades. She has a reputation for high standards, impeccable attention to detail and delivering projects on time and within budget.

Originally based in Ireland, she relocated to London in 2010 and Luxembourg in 2013, allowing premium access to the best European products, materials and inspiration.