The most successful brands are consistent across all communication with their customers. As designers of experiences as much as spaces, we are passionate about supporting interior design with everything that creates an impression on the customer. Presentation of staff, table settings and menus form part of the visual story, while Scents and Sounds engage customers on a deeper level, connecting to memory and emotions.
By creating congruent experiences, customers form clearer impressions and closer attachments to the brand. This allows for a solid platform on which to build a business.



With select Music Consultants, we study customer profile and analyse the desired ambiences from early morning until late night. Combining this with the mood that we wish the interior to evoke, we compose playlists which are harmonious with the design. So if the interior design is the movie, then the playlist is the soundtrack.


Through vision boards and playlists, we illustrate these moods to our Scent Marketeers who then design fragrances bespoke to the interior. These scents conjure emotion and suggest atmosphere conducive to the purpose of the space, respecting the ambience it endeavours to create.